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Enforcement Committee

The members of the Enforcement Committee are appointed annually by the TALCB Chair.  This committee advises the Board on enforcement-related matters and recommends changes to the Board's rules, policy and procedures relating to those matters.

Executive Committee

The executive Committee is composed of the officers of the Board (TALCB Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary). This committee advises the Board regarding broad issues that could have a wide-ranging effect on the policies and duties of the Board. 

Related Regulatory and Protection Groups

Depending on the nature of your particular real estate business―whether it’s an issue with a financial institution or a property tax concern― there are a number of agencies that are looking out for your best interest. If your issue is not under the jurisdiction of the TALCB, one of the resources below may be able to help. Here you can find more information about how these related industries are regulated and how complaints are filed:

Volunteer Appraisal Reviewers

Committing to serve as a Volunteer Appraisal Reviewer is a way for experienced appraisers to serve the public interest and contribute to the appraisal profession. A Volunteer Appraisal Reviewer agrees to serve for a two-year period (individuals may be reappointed) and is asked to assist TALCB in performing appraisal reviews as part of an application for review of trainee work product.