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An Appraisal Management Company (AMC) is an entity authorized to provide appraisal management services by TALCB. AMCs often act as the intermediary between the lender, borrower, realtor, mortgage broker and the appraiser.

How to Register an AMC

  1. File your application for registration as an AMC using our Online Services. If you don’t already have a username and password register now. If you have done business with TALCB online in the past, log in. Include the application fee of $3,399.00 (two-year registration).
  2. The AMC must include a current "Certificate of Good Standing.” This statement must be dated within 21 days prior to the date of the application, issued by the governing state agency where the business entity was incorporated or organized
  3. You must also provide owner information for each individual or entity that owns more than 10 percent of the company (there can be up to 9 owners) 
  4. You must also provide the name of the Primary Contact (the Primary Contact must also submit the AMC Owner/Primary Contact Background History form and must be an owner, officer, or director of the AMC OR must be authorized by the AMC to enter into contractual relationships with others to perform appraisal management services). You can change your Primary Contact if needed and mail it to TALCB
    • This person must be a Certified Appraiser OR must have taken the 15-hour National USPAP course and remain current with the 7 hour USPAP Update course
    • The AMC must also have an Appraiser Contact who is an active Licensed or Certified appraiser to serve as the Appraiser Contact for the AMC to answer questions from appraisers on the AMC's panel
  5. After the AMC registration has been approved by TALCB, each AMC is required to notify TALCB of its appraisal panelists by creating an online account and maintaining a list of Texas appraisers on the AMC’s panel

Requesting Active and Inactive Status

Once you have your registration, there are rules that allow you to request Inactive or Active status. This is useful for example if the Appraisal Management Company is not actively conducting business in Texas for a specified period of time for which registration is required.

With Inactive status granted by TALCB, your current registration will not be valid until you request Active status.  AMC's may not renew while on Inactive Status. For more information about Inactive, Active status and renewals, you can view TALCB’s rule.

Requesting Inactive status

  • Submit the Request for Inactive Status and the required $25.00 inactive fee. The current original certification must accompany the request for inactive status form.

Requesting Active status

AMC Panel Management

You can maintain a list of Texas appraisers on an AMC’s panel with our Online Services and logging on to the online account for your AMC. You can also complete the Addition or Termination of Appraiser on Appraisal Management Company (AMC) Panel form and submit it to our office with the required fee.