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Texas appraisers and appraisal management companies (AMC) are governed by the Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Act and the Texas Appraisal Management Company Registration and Regulation Act. These Acts establish the makeup of the Board and the AMC Advisory Committee, and outline procedures by which a person can become an appraiser in Texas or an AMC can become registered in Texas. The Acts also describe TALCB’s jurisdiction over license holders and registrants. TALCB has the authority to adopt administrative rules to provide specificity to certain areas of the Acts. TALCB may also adopt rules to establish policy regarding certain practices. Both the Acts and TALCB rules are a great resource for helping consumers know what to expect from the appraisal process.

The federal Appraisal Subcommittee (ASC) provides oversight of state appraiser regulatory programs. The ASC also provides a monitoring framework for The Appraisal Foundation. The Appraisal Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1989 to promote professionalism and ensure public trust in the valuation profession.  The Appraisal Foundation accomplishes this mission by establishing standards and appraiser qualifications and providing guidance regarding valuation methods and techniques. The Appraisal Foundation includes two independent boards that contribute to its overall mission: the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) establishes the minimum education, experience, and examination requirements for real property appraisers to obtain a state license or certification, and the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) develops, interprets, and amends the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), which are the generally accepted standards of the appraisal profession.


The tables below show all of our most recent proposed and adopted rules. Written comments on proposed rules are accepted for 30 days after publication in the Texas Register. After that period, comments may be made in person at the next Board meeting.

For the complete version of our current rules go to the TALCB Rules Page or to the Secretary of State's website.

Proposed Rules

Rule Number
Rule Name
Sanctions Guidelines
Date of Action
Earliest Possible Date of Adoption

The amendments to §153.241 add additional factors that may be considered in determining the disposition of a formal complaint, specifically whether an appraisal or conduct at issue was investigated by another governmental agency and the likelihood of the same or similar conduct occurring again. Additionally, the amendments allow for greater flexibility in sanctions for First Time Discipline, Level 2 violations of the Act or Statute.

Las enmiendas a §153.241 agregan factores adicionales que pueden considerarse para determinar la disposición de una queja formal, específicamente si una evaluación o conducta en cuestión fue investigada por otra agencia gubernamental y la probabilidad de que vuelva a ocurrir la misma conducta o una similar. Además, las enmiendas permiten una mayor flexibilidad en las sanciones por sanción disciplinaria por primera vez, infracciones de nivel 2 de la Ley o el Estatuto.