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Volunteering to become a TALCB Mentor is a way for experienced appraisers to serve the public interest and contribute to the appraisal profession by working one-on-one with appraisers required to complete remedial training and education. Mentors agree to serve for a two-year period and are a key component of the agency's process to ensure appraiser competency.

Who Can Become a Mentor?

Mentors are appointed by the Board and must be able to effectively communicate real estate practices, skills, and methods with the appraiser in an effort to improve the individual's skills as a real estate appraiser. Read more in "What is the TALCB Mentorship Program?"

Individuals interested in becoming a Mentor need to meet the following qualifications:

  • Ten or more years as a Texas certified residential or certified general appraiser
  • In good standing in Texas and other state(s) of licensure/certification, with no disciplinary history
  • Certification as a USPAP instructor; OR hold a recognizable appraiser designation and are approved to teach courses to obtain that designation
  • Willing and able to perform at least 32 hours in a year of in-person or video conference mentorship sessions.

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2.  Write a cover letter on professional letterhead addressed to the Board and send to the attention of the Mentorship Program Coordinator along with your completed application.
    • The letter should clearly identify you, state your qualifications and experience as an appraiser and USPAP Certified Instructor, and your rationale for requesting appointment.
    • Disclose any disciplinary history.
  3. Sign the Mentor Appointment Agreement.
  4. Upon appointment, the Chair will sign the applicant’s executed Mentor Appointment Agreement and inform the applicant.

The Mentoring Process

  • The Mentee is provided a mentorship packet that includes a list of Mentors, mentorship guidelines, and certification of completion.
  • The Mentee contacts a Mentor and they reach a mutual agreement as to the terms of the mentorship process including dates, location, fees, and whether the session(s) will be conducted in-person or via videoconference. Both parties will sign the mentorship guidelines form. 
  • After successful completion of the required hours, the certification of completion must be signed by the Mentor and both documents must be delivered to the Board within seven (7) days.     
James “Tony” Pistilli
John H. Dorie
Paul Hornsby
Pamela Teel
Bobby Crisp
Gregory Stephens
Gregory Robert Reynolds
Robbie Wilson
Diana Jacob
Deloris Kraft‐Longoria