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Volunteering to become a member of the Peer Investigative Committee (PIC) is a way for experienced appraisers to serve the public interest and contribute to the appraisal profession. A PIC member agrees to serve for a two-year period (individuals may be reappointed) and is asked to assist TALCB in performing appraisal reviews as part of a complaint investigation or application for review of trainee work product.

Who can become a PIC member?

Any current certified Texas appraiser, certified as a USPAP instructor and in good standing can apply to become a PIC member. PIC members are appointed by the Chair of the Board and PIC is under the statutory authority for TALCB and the Board. Each PIC consists of one appraiser member of the Board (who is the presiding officer of the PIC) and at least one other appraiser who is a certified USPAP instructor. Apply to become a PIC member by completing the PIC Application.

Individuals interested in becoming a PIC member need to meet the following qualifications:

  • Certified Texas appraiser
  • In good standing in Texas and other state(s) of licensure/certification, with no disciplinary history
  • Certification as a USPAP instructor
  • Willing and able to perform at least four assignments in a year (roughly one per quarter; PIC members may decline any assignment for any reason)

For those interested in applying to become a PIC member, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Include a letter on your professional letterhead addressed to the Board and submit to the attention of the PIC Coordinator
    • The letter should clearly identify you, state your qualifications and experience as an appraiser and USPAP Certified Instructor, and your rationale for requesting appointment, and
    • Disclose any disciplinary history
  3. Sign the PIC Service Agreement
  4. Upon appointment, the Chair will sign the applicant’s executed PIC Service Agreement and inform the applicant.


Member Name
Deloris Kraft‐Longoria
Glenn Garoon
Gregory Stephens
James “Tony” Pistilli
Joshua Wood
Robert F. Hetrick
Robert L Moorman