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The Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board met last month and appointed Board Member Mark McAnally as secretary with Martha Gayle Reid Lynch re-appointed as vice chair.

TALCB Mentorship Program Updates

The Board approved a new process for appointing new TALCB Mentors yearly. TALCB Mentors work one on one with appraisers required to complete remedial education.

The Board previously appointed Mentors in odd-numbered years for two-year terms at its February meetings. Applications are accepted until a deadline set before the February meeting. Late or off-cycle applications are not considered.

Modifying the application cycle to appoint Mentors in February of every year would increase resources and benefit the health of the program.

The Board also appointed several mentors to serve a two-year term.

PAREA Update

The Appraisal Institute's Scott DiBiasio shared with the Board that the availability of PAREA programs are on track to launch September 2023.

Adopted Policy and Rules

The Board adopted a revised policy allowing the Chair’s delegation of authority to approve and sign Agreed Orders, Agreed Final Orders, and Voluntary Surrenders to include agreed modifications to these orders. The Board also adopted new rules that remove the sanctions guidelines from the complaint processing rule and make it into a separate rule.

AQB Exposure Draft: Comment by March 13

General Counsel Kathleen Santos gave a broad overview of the Appraiser Qualifications Board’s latest Exposure Draft released on January 31. The exposure draft comment period is open until March 13, 2023. Provide your comments now.