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At its meeting on February 9, the Board approved for adoption an amendment to rule 153.21 that, once implemented, will allow an experienced Supervisory Appraiser to supervise up to five Appraiser Trainees at one time under certain conditions. Current rules allow a qualified Supervisory Appraiser to supervise up to three Appraiser Trainees at one time.

Qualification includes the Supervisory Appraiser being currently in good standing and credentialed for at least three years in the jurisdiction where the supervised work will be completed, having no discipline in any jurisdiction during the last three years that would affect the Supervisor’s ability to practice appraisal work, and completion of the Appraiser Trainee / Supervisory Appraiser course.

The new rules will allow an otherwise qualified Supervisory Appraiser who has five years or more of certified experience to supervise up to five Appraiser Trainees if all of the Appraiser Trainees participate in the trainee experience review program established under rule 153.22. This is the Board’s current innovative program that provides a review of a trainee’s report and workfile by an experienced member of the Peer Investigative Committee for just $75. It offers a Trainee and the Supervisor the opportunity to have a different set of knowledgeable eyes give a fresh perspective on the quality of the Trainee’s work to monitor their technical progress. This program is currently available on a purely voluntary basis.

More details will follow next month as the Board works through the procedures, forms and system programming needed to implement this new program. Stay tuned!