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At the May Board meeting, Public member Claton Black shared his thoughts on his time with the Board and the Board's mission. His "Mission Moment" is below:

Fifteen years ago, I moved back to Texas. I wanted to be a part of the community and get involved at the local and state level. I applied for leadership roles in my area and also at the state level. I was fortunate enough to be appointed to the Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board eight years ago. I now have two years left serving with this fantastic group of public servants.

This Board serves to protect Texans while continuing to ensure economic growth. We do this by reviewing rules, ensuring compliance with the law, and working with appraisers throughout the industry. As a public member, I look to my fellow appraiser Board members for guidance about the industry, and I am very grateful we have true experts in their craft serving with me. At the same time, I rely on my past life experiences in corporate America and my current role as a self-employed oil and gas man to bring real-life insight and outside perspective to the Board.

Serving on the Board offers me the opportunity to give something back to the great state of Texas. I get the chance to make decisions on behalf of the Governor and be a part of the upward march of humanity. Additionally, I have made lifelong friends that I would not have made otherwise. I consider serving on this Board an opportunity of a lifetime, an honor, and a privilege.

I look forward to continuing to give back by serving our license holders and the public and help shape the great state of Texas for another two years.