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I exclusively appraise for a bank. I am now leaving their employment and will be opening my own appraisal office. I was informed I would not be allowed to take the work files or the appraisal reports with me. In the event I have a complaint filed against me, how do I retrieve my work file or the appraisal report?

Based on the 2014-15 edition of USPAP's Record Keeping rule, if an employer fails to provide copies of any appraisals and work files needed by a respondent to produce a response to a complaint, TALCB can assist the respondent by sending the respondent's employer, or past employer, a letter, or if required, a subpoena, to obtain the applicable appraisal reports and work files. Also, in the sponsor and trainee situation, TALCB rules (22 Tex. Admin. Code ยง153.21(j) state that a certified appraiser who sponsors appraiser trainees must approve and sign the appraiser trainee's appraisal log and experience affidavit at least quarterly and provide the trainee with access to any appraisals and work files completed under the sponsor's supervision.

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