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Can an AMC use the Fannie Mae Form 2000, or other industry related forms to conduct field reviews of one-unit residential appraisals?

While the Fannie Mae Form 2000 is the most common form used for reviews by fee appraisers TALCB cannot endorse a particular form. If an AMC wants to use a Fannie Mae form or other available industry form, the AMC should ensure that the form complies with the TALCB rule requirements (22 Tex. Admin. Code § 159.155), including the appropriate scope of work.

What do I do if I received a letter indicating that my application was being denied after submitting my work files as part of the experience audit?

Each applicant for a license or certification must go through a mandatory experience audit, which involves a review of a random sample of their work product (inclusive of work files). This experience audit is performed to ensure the experience being claimed was performed in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

How can I check the status of a complaint and what is the standard processing time?

The circumstances of each complaint are unique, so there is no standard complaint resolution time. Once TALCB has received a response, a complaint can take anywhere from 30 days to several months to investigate and resolve. Most complaints are investigated and resolved within one-year from the date the complaint was filed.

How do I obtain copies of appraiser files that are in TALCB’s possession?

Under the Texas Public Information Act, most government records are available to the public if requested in writing. A request for copies of any TALCB records or documents must be submitted to TALCB in writing. For your convenience, you can submit a public information request by submitting the Public Information Request Form or emailing your request to Certain exceptions may apply, and there may be a cost to obtain copies of the records depending on the volume of records you request.

Can your office review the appraisal report for any possible violations?

Unfortunately, no. TALCB Standards and Enforcement Services is responsible for investigating and resolving complaints, but we cannot review an appraisal report to predetermine if there are issues warranting the filing of a complaint. If you are unwilling to file a complaint, or have questions about whether doing so is the right thing to do, you may want to contact a qualified appraiser or a Certified USPAP Instructor for guidance or consult an attorney for legal advice.

How do I request an extension?

Submit a written request to our TALCB Standards and Enforcement. Be sure to include the complaint number, your name, the reason you are requesting the extension and the amount of time needed to respond. Please note that extensions will only be granted for good cause. TALCB Standards and Enforcement will contact you about your request.

How can I request a copy of the complaint or review the disciplinary action taken for a specific case?

You may review the disciplinary action taken in a specific case on the TALCB website A request for copies of any complaints filed with TALCB must be submitted to TALCB in writing. For your convenience, you can submit a public information request by submitting the Public Information Request Form or emailing your request to Be sure to include the case number or appraiser's name and a detailed list of the information you are requesting.

How can I request an extension or modify the terms of the Agreed Final Order?

Any extension or modification to a Final Order must be approved by TALCB. TALCB will not consider a request for extension or modification if the deadline for compliance has already passed. Since TALCB only meets once a quarter, you should plan to submit your request for an extension or modification well in advance of your compliance deadline. For information about requesting an extension or modification, please visit the section How to Request an Extension or Modification on the Current License Holders page.