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In the course of doing business AMCs are asked to have a field review performed on an appraisal report that the AMC previously ordered from one of their panel members. Can those reviews be counted in the 2% required by TALCB rule?

Yes. TALCB is not interested in the underlying reason for a review. Regardless of who requests the review and as long as the appraisal review is ordered through the AMC, the review may be counted in the 2% required by TALCB rule (22 Tex. Admin. Code § 159.155)

Can an AMC use the Fannie Mae Form 2000, or other industry related forms to conduct field reviews of one-unit residential appraisals?

While the Fannie Mae Form 2000 is the most common form used for reviews by fee appraisers TALCB cannot endorse a particular form. If an AMC wants to use a Fannie Mae form or other available industry form, the AMC should ensure that the form complies with the TALCB rule requirements (22 Tex. Admin. Code § 159.155), including the appropriate scope of work.