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Effective January 1, 2017, any person applying for a license or renewing a license on active or inactive status with TALCB must provide fingerprints for a criminal history check. The fingerprint process is easy and can be done in a few short steps. Once fingerprints are on file for TALCB or TREC, a license holder will not need to submit fingerprints again for any future renewals.

Fingerprint Requirements

IdentoGO by IDEMIA collects and submits fingerprints to the FBI via the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), but has no role in the actual research and processing of your criminal background check or the delivery of its results.

Before you schedule a fingerprinting appointment, you will need to obtain an IdentoGO ID. To generate your IdentoGO ID, search for your account using either your TALCB ID or First Name, Last Name, and Birth Date.

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1. First, search for your account using either your TREC ID or First Name, Last Name, and Birth Date.


2. Then, find your details below and click the button to get your IdentoGO ID.

{{ item.XENT_ID }}
{{ item.KEY_NME }}
{{ item.E_MAIL_ADDR }}Unsubmitted
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This license holder has already completed the fingerprint requirements for our agency.

3. Now, use your IdentoGO ID {{{ ueId }}} to schedule an appointment at the IdentoGO site.

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Fast Facts on the Fingerprint Process

Fingerprints you may have submitted for any other reason, such as previous employment or another state-issued license, are not acceptable for a TALCB or TREC license.

  • The fingerprints must be in the FBI’s required format and must be taken at an authorized DPS site.
  • Occasionally fingerprints may be unreadable. If this happens, IDEMIA will contact you with instructions to be reprinted at no additional cost. Reprints cannot be scheduled online.
  • If prints are unreadable a second time, a TALCB staff person will initiate a manual name search through the FBI which adds to the processing time.