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Licensed Residential Appraiser, License #1350702
License Status
Expiration Date
Appraiser Education History
Course Date Course Number Course Name Provider Name Hours
01/26/24480602024-2025 7-Hour National USPAP UpdateAssociation of Texas Appraisers7
08/08/23466512023 UAD Redesign VegasAppraiser eLearning LLC7
08/26/2244213Texas Eminent Domain-Houston 2022CLE International12
06/28/2227871Residential Report Writing and Case StudiesMcKissock Learning15
06/23/2227854Residential Sales Comparison and Income ApproachesMcKissock Learning30
02/25/2227852Residential Valuation: Site Valuation and Cost ApproachMcKissock Learning15
02/10/2227853Residential Market Analysis and Highest and Best UseMcKissock Learning15
10/30/21421492022-2023 7 Hour National USPAP Update CourseMcKissock Learning7
10/29/2136109Residential Construction and the AppraiserMcKissock Learning7
10/29/2132757Land and Site ValuationMcKissock Learning7
10/29/2137025Residential Property Inspection for AppraisersMcKissock Learning7
06/23/2037816Live Webinar: Adjustment Support for Residential AppraisersMcKissock Learning4
06/23/2038599Introduction to the Uniform Appraisal DatasetMcKissock Learning2
06/22/2034544Evaluations, Desktops, and Other Limited Scope AppraisalsMcKissock Learning4
06/19/2034337Fannie Mae Appraisal Guidelines - Live WebinarMcKissock Learning4
06/18/2038334Live Webinar: Analyze This! Applications of Appraisal AnalysisMcKissock Learning4
06/16/2034073Live Webinar: Be Compliant and Competitive with Restricted AppraMcKissock Learning3
06/14/2027783Texas Appraiser Trainee/Supervisory Appraiser CourseMcKissock Learning4
06/13/20379042020-2021 7-Hour National USPAP Update CourseMcKissock Learning7
10/30/1729859Online Eminent Domain and CondemnationAppraisal Institute7
10/27/1732562A Review of Disciplinary Cases - Live WebinarMcKissock Learning3
10/24/1728787The Dirty DozenMcKissock Learning3
10/24/1732210Issues in Appraiser Liability - Live WebinarMcKissock Learning4
10/23/1732023The FHA Handbook 4000.1 - Live WebinarMcKissock Learning5
10/17/17297622016-2017 7 Hour USPAP UpdateThe Columbia Institute7
10/31/1527783Texas Appraiser Trainee/Supervisory Appraiser CourseThe Columbia Institute4
10/31/15272522014-2015 7 hr National USPAP Update CourseThe Columbia Institute7
09/26/1427569Engineering Plan Development & Application, IRWA Course 901International Right of Way Association8
04/17/1427565The Valuation of Partial Acquisitions, IRWA Coure 421International Right of Way Association32
02/05/1427402Problems in the Valuation of Partial Acquisitions, IRWA Cour 431International Right of Way Association8
10/14/1320855Basic Appraisal ProceduresAppraisal Institute30
09/24/1320854Basic Appraisal PrinciplesAppraisal Institute30
05/15/13239872012-2013 15-Hour National USPAP CourseAppraisal Institute15