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Certified Residential Appraiser, License #1335942
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Sponsored Appraiser Trainees

Name (License Type)
TYLER, JORDAN CHARLES (Appraiser Trainee)
Effective Date
License #
License Status
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Appraiser Education History
Course Date Course Number Course Name Provider Name Hours
02/27/24476902024-2025 7-Hour National USPAP UpdateMcKissock Learning7
02/26/2441398Valuation of Residential SolarMcKissock Learning3
02/24/2442048Market Disturbances-Appraisals in Atypical Markets and CyclesMcKissock Learning3
02/23/2436688Introduction to Expert Witness Testimony To Do Or Not To DoMcKissock Learning4
02/23/2443353Residential Property Measurement and ANSI Z765McKissock Learning4
02/22/2440544Best Practices for Completing Bifurcated and Hybrid AppraisalsMcKissock Learning3
02/20/2444059That's a ViolationMcKissock Learning4
11/10/2227783Texas Appraiser Trainee/Supervisory Appraiser CourseMcKissock Learning4
02/25/2242048Market Disturbances-Appraisals in Atypical Markets and CyclesMcKissock Learning3
02/25/2236109Residential Construction and the AppraiserMcKissock Learning7
02/24/22421492022-2023 7 Hour National USPAP Update CourseMcKissock Learning7
02/23/2234010The FHA Handbook 4000.1McKissock Learning7
02/22/2232924That's a ViolationMcKissock Learning4
01/17/20379042020-2021 7-Hour National USPAP Update CourseThe Columbia Institute7
01/16/2035304Performing USPAP Compliant Appraisal Reviews, No. 161The Columbia Institute8
01/15/2034853Residential Cost Approach, No. 159The Columbia Institute8
01/14/2034575Desktop Appraisals: Next Generation Valuations, No. 028The Columbia Institute5
01/19/18336782018-2019 7-Hour National USPAP Update, No. 101The Columbia Institute7
01/18/1832466Red Flags in Property Inspection, No. 157The Columbia Institute8
01/17/1830748Comprehensive Square Foot Calculations, No. 155The Columbia Institute8
01/16/1830949Constructing the Professional Report-From A-Z, No. 026The Columbia Institute5
01/22/16297622016-2017 7 Hour USPAP UpdateThe Columbia Institute7
01/21/1629239FHA SFR Appraising - Handbook 4000.1The Columbia Institute8
01/20/1629113Fannie Mae/ANSI Update, No. 139The Columbia Institute8
01/19/1527434Focus on the Workfile, No. 048The Columbia Institute5