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Certified Residential Appraiser, License #1360763
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Sponsored Appraiser Trainees

Name (License Type)
RAY, THOMAS WILLIAM (Appraiser Trainee)
Effective Date
License #
License Status
Expiration Date
Name (License Type)
SUMMERS, ANDREW DAVIS (Appraiser Trainee)
Effective Date
License #
License Status
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Real Estate Education History
Course Date Course Number Course Name Subject Provider Name Hours
12/11/2141808Code of Ethics V1.0RE CE ElectiveKaplan Real Estate Education3
Appraiser Education History
Course Date Course Number Course Name Provider Name Hours
08/19/2346780Back to Basic: Fixing Dangerous HabitsAssociation of Texas Appraisers7
08/18/2346806Top 15 Takeaways from Your Colleagues' Legal MisfortunesAssociation of Texas Appraisers3
08/18/2346782Lessons Learned From Cross Examination at Deposition and TrailAssociation of Texas Appraisers2
03/25/2342126Live Webinar: Diversify Your Practice with Assessment AppealsMcKissock Learning4
03/24/2342352Live Webinar: Diversify Your App Practice with Estate AppraisalsMcKissock Learning3
02/11/2344920Diversifying Your Practice-Inside and OutAssociation of Texas Appraisers4
02/11/2344931Understanding and Supporting AdjustmentsAssociation of Texas Appraisers4
02/10/2344917The Life of An Appraisal-What Happens Next?Association of Texas Appraisers4
09/08/22439382022 Keynote VegasAllterra Group, LLC7
09/08/22439372022 Gold Standard VegasAllterra Group, LLC7
08/20/2243893Critique - Anatomy of a ReviewAssociation of Texas Appraisers7
08/19/2243909Using Scanning Technology to Your AdvantageAssociation of Texas Appraisers3
08/19/2243895Appraising for the VA...What You Need to KnowAssociation of Texas Appraisers4
04/12/22429592022 ACTS - Day 2Appraiser eLearning LLC7
04/11/22429602022 Acts - Day 1Appraiser eLearning LLC7
02/18/2242660Appraiser's Guide to the ANSI Z765-2021Association of Texas Appraisers4
09/19/2127783Texas Appraiser Trainee/Supervisory Appraiser CourseMcKissock Learning4
09/09/21415362021 Keynote VegasAllterra Group, LLC7
09/08/21379042020-2021 7-Hour National USPAP Update CourseAppraiser eLearning LLC7
10/17/2032924That's a ViolationMcKissock Learning4
10/16/20379042020-2021 7-Hour National USPAP Update CourseMcKissock Learning7
10/06/2032923Complex Properties: The Odd Side of AppraisalsMcKissock Learning7
09/29/2036717Divorce and Estate Appraisals - Elements of Non-Lender WorkMcKissock Learning4
09/21/2035910Relocation Appraisal and the ERC FormMcKissock Learning6
10/27/1727887Subject Matter ElectivesMcKissock Learning20
10/15/1727851Statistics, Modeling, and FinanceMcKissock Learning15
08/31/1720782Advanced Residential Applications and Case StudiesMcKissock Learning15
10/23/1620793Residential Report Writing and Case StudiesMcKissock Learning15
09/10/1620788Residential Appraiser Site Valuation and Cost ApproachMcKissock Learning15
08/24/1620786Residential Market Analysis and Highest and Best UseMcKissock Learning15
08/04/1620787Residential Sales Comparison and Income ApproachesMcKissock Learning30
05/26/15277982014-2015 15 Hour Equivalent USPAP UpdateMcKissock Learning15
05/26/1527783Texas Appraiser Trainee/Supervisory Appraiser CourseMcKissock Learning4
05/22/1527855Appraisal ProceduresMcKissock Learning30
05/14/1527856Basic Appraisal PrinciplesMcKissock Learning30