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The October 17, 2016 Issue of Valuation Review Reported on Commissioner Oldmixon’s Presentation to the Appraisal Summit & Expo 

TALCB Commissioner Douglas Oldmixon addressed attendees at the 2016 Appraisal Summit and Expo conference on the subject of what appraisers need to know and what they should do when the state board comes calling.  Commissioner Oldmixon compared what the state board does to the role of a traffic cop in that the agency enforces the law by directing appraisers about which practices are acceptable and which avenues are off limits; and if you go the wrong way – you can expect to get a ticket. Make sure to read the full report in the October 17th issue of Valuation Review. 

If you don’t have a subscription to the Valuation Review, you can access the full presentation here.