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The Texas Appraiser Licensing & Certification Board (TALCB) has worked hard over the past year to improve efficiencies and reduce the burden on license holders who conduct business with the agency. TALCB has also hired additional staff to implement legislative changes resulting from the agency’s sunset review and utilized contract review appraisers to eliminate the backlog of certified general experience audits. All of these efforts have resulted in a variety of fee changes for TALCB license holders that took effect on January 2, 2020.

As of January 2, 2020, the license application and renewal fees for appraiser license holders increased, and TALCB eliminated other license holder fees to help offset this increase.

Initial license application and timely renewal fees as of January 2, 2020:
  • Certified General Appraiser - $460
  • Certified Residential Appraiser - $385
  • Licensed Residential Appraiser - $345
  • Appraiser Trainee - $250
TALCB Appraiser Fees eliminated as of January 2, 2020:
  • License history, active licensure, sponsorship history fee - $40
  • Addition/termination of appraiser trainee sponsorship fee - $20
  • Fee for replacing a lost or destroyed license - $20
  • Returned check fee - $30
  • Fee to place a license on inactive status - $25
  • Certification fee for providing certified copies of documents - $20
  • Paper processing fee - $20
  • Background check fee for license renewals - $28.25

The first of the year also brought fee changes for AMCs as TALCB began implementing the AMC National Registry and collecting AMC registry fees.

AMC National Registry Fees:
  • Starting January 2, 2020, AMCs must report the number of panel members who performed work on a covered transaction during the prior calendar year and pay $25/panel member reported. If an AMC does not timely report information and pay the AMC National Registry fees, a $500 late fee may be assessed.
TALCB AMC Fees eliminated as of January 2, 2020:
  • License history, active licensure fee - $40
  • Change fee (to change owner, primary contact, appraiser contact, registered business name or place of business) - $20
  • Returned check fee - $30
  • Fee to place an AMC registration on inactive status - $25
  • Paper processing fee - $20