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TALCB Adopts Rule Changes to Increase the Number of Authorized Trainees

As of March 4, 2018, supervisory appraisers may now have up to 5 trainees at one time if they comply with certain additional requirements.  TALCB Rule 153.21 (also officially known as 22 Tex. Admin. Code § 153.21) was recently amended to reflect this change.  These additional conditions are found in subsection (a)(3)(B) of that Rule and require:

  1. the supervisory appraiser to have been certified for more than five years, and
  2. all of the trainees to participate in the trainee work-product review program detailed in TALCB Rule 153.22.

Why are these changes being made? 

There is a perception in the industry at all levels that there are not enough qualified trainees coming into the profession.  In addition, some trainees are having trouble finding a supervisory appraiser.  The AQB and TALCB have been working diligently to encourage a sufficient number of appraisers and trainees to meet the demands of the marketplace, while also maintaining the quality and integrity of the appraiser trainee process.  TALCB believes these changes will open up the profession to a higher number of suitable trainees, while also providing additional monitoring (as required by the ASC) to ensure that trainees are being adequately supervised.  You may have noticed that the forms on our website have changed to reflect the new certifications required if a certified appraiser would like to establish a supervisor/trainee relationship with more than 3 trainees.  If you haven’t already found them, use the links here: Application or Addition/Termination Form. Once approved, trainees required to participate in the program will use the Trainee Work Product Review Form to demonstrate compliance.     

Be sure to join us Thursday, May 24th as we discuss this rule change and how it affects you and your business