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You may have heard that in 2018 the Board authorized supervisory appraisers to supervise more than three trainees at the same time, so long as certain requirements are met.  Here are some helpful reminders about these requirements.

  • All appraiser trainees who are currently or who have been supervised by an appraiser who supervises more than three trainees at the same time are required by Rule 153.21 to participate in the periodic trainee work product review program outlined in Board Rule 153.22.
  • This periodic review requirement is a separate and distinct obligation in addition to the experience audit outlined in Board Rule 153.15 that must be completed by all license applicants to obtain or upgrade a license.
  • The periodic work product review program requires appraiser trainees to submit two separate work product samples for review by TALCB before submitting an application for licensure.
  • An appraiser who previously held a license that is now expired and is applying to have that license reinstated under Rule 153.16 is not required to complete the periodic work product review program in Board Rule 153.22.
  • While any trainee may voluntarily participate in the periodic work review program outlined in Rule 153.22, it is mandatory for trainees whose supervising appraiser supervises more than three trainees at the same time.
  • Appraiser trainees fulfill the periodic work product review process separately for each of the two samples by completing these steps:
  • After the submission is complete the Board will:
    • Have the work product reviewed for USPAP compliance; and
    • Deliver to the appraiser trainee a written report identifying any deficiencies to help appraiser trainees improve their appraisal skills

More information about these requirements may be found in the article explaining this rule change.  We recently hosted a Facebook Live event on this topic. Check out the helpful video here.