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How to File a Complaint

Anyone may file a complaint. Follow the steps below.

1. Note Whom a Complaint May be Filed Against

The Texas Appraiser Licensing & Certification Board accepts written, signed complaints against the following entities:

2. Obtain the Complaint Form

Acrobat Note: Many TALCB documents are in the Adobe PDF format.
If a PDF file does not open, try upgrading to the latest Adobe Reader.

Note: The Board does not accept complaints via e-mail, or anonymous complaints. If you do not want your identity revealed or do not sign your complaint form, we will be unable to process your complaint.

3. Complete and Send the Complaint Form

The complaint form must be filled out with at least the following information:

  • name of the appraiser or AMC against whom the complaint is being filed (respondent)
  • name and address of the person filing the complaint (complainant) and
  • information about the appraisal service performed (date, address and purpose of appraisal).
Please note these other documents that are required or requested, and follow the instructions on the complaint form regarding number of copies, etc...
  • Required - typed or printed page(s) describing the reason for the complaint
  • Requested - documents related to the transaction, such as the appraisal, MLS sales data, engagement letters, settlement statement, appraisal reviews, etc....
    Note: Do not send original documents

4. TEXAS APPRAISER LICENSING AND CERTIFICATION BOARD (TALCB OR THE “BOARD”) APPRAISER COMPLAINT PROCESS AND RESOLUTION OVERVIEW. This overview is provided for informational purposes only, with the intent to provide better transparency of the appraiser Complaint process and support a more efficient and amicable resolution. This overview of the complaint process and resolution does not constitute legal advice or instructions on how to respond to your Complaint.

TALCB Appraiser Complaint Process and Resolution Overview

To learn more about the complaint process:

TALCB Complaint Process - basic
TALCB Complaint Process - detailed

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